Our Story

Our vision is wind measurement for everybody. Our team has years of experience in various outdoor applications where the wind plays a major role for the performance and for the validation and verification of products and developments. This was the motivation to develop a compact multisensor which delivers the wind information at the point of interest on every moving object in the environment. Whether wind energy, sports, or other mobility applications, the Windpuls sensor delivers the wind conditions.

Principles Of Our Work

Our Slogan „Wind Measurement for Everybody” is what we want to do and has a double meaning within our team. 

1. Never Stop

Like the wind, the team of Windpuls never stops. We try to push the limits of wind measurement on every moving object to a new level.

2. Quality

The highest quality and careful handling of resources are our top priorities.

3. Cooperation

Cooperation is the way to success. By adding the wind information at various points we can help that products and applications work more efficient in the real environment.