Our slogan „Wind Measurement for Everybody” is what we want to do and has a double meaning within our team.
It should be easy to use for every person and it should be useable for every body that moves in the real world or every blade that rotates around the wind turbine tower, respectively.
In order to convert the maximum possible kinetic energy of the wind into electrical power the wind turbine blades must be adjusted to the actual wind conditions. Actual wind turbines measure the wind conditions for the pitch-control algorithm at the top end of the nacelle. Therefore, the wind measurement is in the highly unsteady wake area of the wind turbine rotor.
If we don’t know the strength and direction of wind at the leading edge of the turbine blades, we have no chance to optimize the pitch control for the wind turbine.

windpuls delivers the full range of wind information at the point of interest – different positions along the leading edge of the wind turbine blades. It knows its speed, orientation and can transmit the pure wind and speed data to any kind of end-user device

Our goal is to establish windpuls for wind turbines to optimize the pitch control as well as for wind park operators and wind turbine developers for monitoring purposes and design space definitions.


The team of windpuls is set up by experts in their field in the environmental, automotive and sport industry. The founding team, consisting of Mr. Christoph Feichtinger, who is an expert in aerodynamics and product development, and Mr. Klaus Bernkopf, an experienced manager and founder of start-up companies, are fully dedicated to developing windpuls to a must have for wind measurement in wind turbine applications. We furthermore work with an experienced partner company and experts in electronic development and manufacturing.


There is currently no sensor on the market that gives direct wind information on the leading edge of a wind turbine blade. We have identified wind park operators and wind turbine developers as potential main customers for windpuls. For every customer the real time wind information as well as the long-term monitoring is a major interest.


windpuls is a physical multisensor which combines kinematic measurements with windspeed and wind-direction measurements in one compact casing. The raw sensor data always stay within the casing and are merged on the internal microcontroller where the calculation of the sensor output is performed. The sensor has its own power supply with usb-C external charging connection.


The calculated output data is transmitted by various types of wireless communications like WLAN, Bluetooth LE or ANT+. The Sensor can be mounted via a freely definable Mount to any blade shape or other equipment.

windpuls Sensor USPs


windpuls windmeasurement on blades

Unique selling proposition:

  • windpuls measures directly the upstream flow conditions on the leading edge of the wind turbine blade
  • the pitch control is not influenced by the wake of the turbine blade
  • windpuls delivers the upstream velocity field over the whole blade length
  • several windpuls sensors can be combined via a wireless network connection, summarized via a collector on the nacelle
  • during operation or downtimes windpuls provides a three-dimensional wind map