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…is an Austrian start-up founded by Christoph Feichtinger and Philipp Kitzmueller in 2021. Christoph has prior worked as an aerodynamicist for the car manufacturers Porsche and Audi as well as for KTM’s MOTO GP team. Always aiming to optimize material and performance, he was missing one crucial thing – a tool for reliable measurement of the environment. After years of development, Christoph created the first wind- and weather sensor for the usage on moving objects – the airdropOne.


Wind, weather and other environmental factors are often neglected in cycling because they can not be changed. Yet, they do have a major impact on the athlete’s performance. The “airdropOne” sensor closes this information gap by recording local wind and weather conditions and visualizing them in an app and dashboard. It also enables the comparability of training rides and supports athletes, coaches and technical advisors in optimizing and increasing efficiency in cycling. The sensor captures wind, weather and position data and stores it anonymously in the cloud. The wind and weather data can also be used for many other applications.

currently happening

We have just ordered the first 100 sensors from our production partner in Salzburg/Austria. Delivery starts in the upcoming weeks. At the Eurobike trade fair 2023 in Frankfurt, we will give out the first sensors to beta testers. During summer and autumn, more and more features will be added to our app and hub. Stay tuned…


Meanwhile, watch our freshly created “How-to”-video on youtube! 

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